Taking some of the most neglected clothing in the fashion game and upping the level as well as being technical and functional in a way you didn’t know people we’re thinking about.

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Working in-house with WINERAM Productions as a studio manager also included filming, editing and design projects. WINERAM Productions is a Tahoe City based wine industry media company, from commercials to TV shows and dabbling in design for a number of major wine companies. With a small team we worked hard to move fast and create quality from being extremely familiar with vineyards and production facilities.


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I’ve been working with Snowledge.co as the lead digital content creator. This is a relatively open position for creating media for advertising and social media. This ranges from disappearing stories on social media as a throw away up to full video projects that have taken weeks to months to complete.


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Working with the local non-profit to showcase their fight to keep the development of my local community to a sustainable level I have been working on video and photography projects to showcase the movement that Sierra Watch has been fighting for.


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As the snow begins to fade on the West Coast of the U.S.A. the ski resorts close and those still looking to get their winter fix have to start walking up the hills instead, after a number of years of heading back down to the Southern hemisphere I started staying for summers in North America and took my first stab at a volcano season and created this three part series film and in this poem by Jess Oundjian.

A trip of friends, adventures, volcanoes.
Of savouring warm beers that wait in the car while we venture up and down the flanks of ancient explosive mountains.
Of setting up camp in snow, dirt, parking lots and motel rooms.
Of simply getting out there with your friends for three weeks of springtime soul shredding among the beautiful Cascade volcanoes.
Join us as we recount a story not about pushing insane limits, but about convening and communing with friends and mountains.

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The Quake City Rumblers emerged as a response to the major earthquakes in Christchurch, with road works taking years to fix the city streets a group of friends decided to start riding small bikes as opposed to driving, the community grew and more crew started building bikes and coming along for rides. I was hanging around with a few of the crew shooting photos of new builds and rides, we shot some videos and a tattoo artist had scribbled something quick which I turned into a logo and then a screen print for the vests.

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Bento backs up the Will J in Japan piece I worked on two years ago and I think the follow up has come out way better than the original. I always have got plans for what more I can do and only some of that will ever happen. From seeing as much social media as around these days I wanted to take the approach of every time I would go to shoot an instagram I would also hit record on a little clip. Having the Sony A7 is really a massive part of this, with something so small I can have it around my neck whenever I’m crusing and still have the quality to put it on a tripod with a long lens and shoot a full frame sensor at 60fps. I’m not sure if everything I will do will always be a mirrorless but for right now I’m really happy with the setup.
But as I have Monster as the support on the piece they have more of a shred porn approach to the videos and the second song especially holds true to that with only splashes of culture.
A huge thank you to everyone involved with this piece, Will J first off, putting in the effort everyday to get out there and ride for the camera, he has one of the best work ethics of an professional athletes and it shows in the part.
Monster for the backing and the social support, having a release platform of Facebook with 24 million likes is something that can’t be discounted.
Ash, Dylan, Perrian and all the crew at Holiday Niseko they make the trip soon much more relaxed.

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