graphic design on a fire extinguisher


I needed a business card that was going to stand.

This piece comes from talking to a local design studio being open to me coming back in with a portfolio if I was ever looking for work.

The idea starts from Massimo Vignelli talking about Lella being the brakes to his work and Michael Bierut talking about how that took a long time to understand why it was as important, so somehow that became a fire extinguisher as I have always liked design with everyday objects being used out of context as long as they still mean something.

The quote is adapted from the Rolling Stones “Play with Fire” the studio I was talking as many others do have an affinity for music so I wanted something to reflect that.

If any of that context got through I don’t know but they seemed to like it so hopefully I’m working with them more in the future.

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drone snowboard photo


Always nice to see a new shot in print as that hasn’t been my focus for a while and this one was in the SNOWBOARD magazine exposure competition, it was a finalist for the abstract section and just one of those shots that turned out. This was a plan B after hiking up Squaw in the late summer, I had to get my twelve calendar months and Garrett Cygan is just always keen to ride. We we’re making a short video for Snowledge when I figured this would like better as a still and well I’m really happy that it did and really happy with how well the DJI Mavic Pro turns out in print.

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Early Morning Back Country Hike

Splitboard Access

Alpine starts is a euphemism of waking up way too early so that you can get up a mountain at the time you need to, this is generally well before day break but it can make for some amazing images with the soft morning light.

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Ben Comber Miller flip

Ben Comber, Miller Flip

The season had only just finished and there was plenty of snow still in the mountains giving us the chance to use the ski field in a way that we normally would just cruise on by and some of the best images are really just under your nose the whole time. This image was published in Manual Magazine.

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