By capturing ideas in light theres a freedom of letting somethings be part of the “real” world and controlling others. Taking one frame or 240 a second there are ideas that need to be developed.

snowboarder dropping into a rocky chute

I’ve been working with as the lead digital content creator. This is a relatively open position for creating media for advertising and social media. This ranges from disappearing stories on social media as a throw away up to full video projects that have taken weeks to months to complete.


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keep squaw true clothing

Working with the local non-profit to showcase their fight to keep the development of my local community to a sustainable level I have been working on video and photography projects to showcase the movement that Sierra Watch has been fighting for.


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a baker clapping his hands together with flour

Working in-house with WINERAM Productions as a studio manager also included filming, editing and design projects. WINERAM Productions is a Tahoe City based wine industry media company, from commercials to TV shows and dabbling in design for a number of major wine companies. With a small team we worked hard to move fast and create quality from being extremely familiar with vineyards and production facilities.


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