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By capturing ideas in light theres a freedom of letting somethings be part of the “real” world and controlling others. Taking one frame or 240 a second there are ideas that need to be developed.

One of the most fun edits I do each year in the Snowledge Team edit, going back through everything that’s been shot for the year and bringing it all together in a single video. This year I kept it a little more traditional with each skier or snowboarder having a mini section within the larger so that it could be cut up for Instagram length clips and stories.

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This is a really different style of video for me, I’m trying to get more comfortable infront of the camera and be able to do something along the style of a vlog. There are a bunch of reason for this including 2020 shooting as a crew is problematic but its all a learning curve for me so don’t judge it too harsh.

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