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By capturing ideas in light theres a freedom of letting somethings be part of the “real” world and controlling others. Taking one frame or 240 a second there are ideas that need to be developed.

One of the most fun edits I do each year in the Snowledge Team edit, going back through everything that’s been shot for the year and bringing it all together in a single video. This year I kept it a little more traditional with each skier or snowboarder having a mini section within the larger so that it could be cut up for Instagram length clips and stories.

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This is a really different style of video for me, I’m trying to get more comfortable infront of the camera and be able to do something along the style of a vlog. There are a bunch of reason for this including 2020 shooting as a crew is problematic but its all a learning curve for me so don’t judge it too harsh.

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I’ve been bouncing around ideas all summer about what I think the next move for Snowledge media is and so far I’m moving towards something that is somewhere travel piece, vlog style, action edit. The pilot ep is here.

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passage an eagle crest experience title card

It’s been one of those bucket list trips to get up to Alaska to go snowboarding and although it was behind the lens and we didn’t quite get to do everything we wanted to with the world starting go crazy I am really happy to release “Passage”.

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skier turning in powder at Alpine Meadows

As the winter is starting to ramp up I got out at Alpine Meadows to shoot a weekly piece they do know as the shred report, it often focuses on new terrain so this week we got on Roundhouse with a few buddies and we lapped around with a GoPro.

The new shipment of cameras hasn’t come in yet so it’ll be interesting to see how the 8 do against shooting this on the 7 with the karma grip but we have plans to do a few more of these as the season progresses.

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crystal mountain competition event

Every time I go to the Pacific North West I’m reminded why I want to spend more time there but then the reality of the weather kinda sets back in, yeah the skiers never ran but the snowboarders killed it on the King so that was cool to film.

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