Alpine starts is a euphemism of waking up way too early so that you can get up a mountain at the time you need to, this is generally well before day break but it can make for some amazing images with the soft morning light.

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The season had only just finished and there was plenty of snow still in the mountains giving us the chance to use the ski field in a way that we normally would just cruise on by and some of the best images are really just under your nose the whole time. This image was published in Manual Magazine.

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I’ve always thought fashion is the best use of a camera, thankfully I get the chance to work on a few projects here and there when I’m out of the mountains.

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Running between different departments of the Polytechnic we found the beauty room had the softest and smoothest lighting for walking in the room giving more time to work on the composition and providing my favorite image of the shoot.

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I created a couple of video stories for the New Zealand entertainment website The Wireless with Anna Pearson. The site is aimed at youth culture and the videos ranged from sporting success stories to more serious with home detention.

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While working in a shared work space that was made for fashion designers but I managed to find my way in gave me a chance to work with a number of new clients including Yulia Marsh of Katerina.

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Working with skiers and snowboarders on the same project has positives and negatives, the positive being it can give a different set of outlooks on the same mountain. Charlie Lyons and Will Jackways take time to mind surf the scenery while filming for Big Risk Big Rewards.

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