The Clubbies

During the 2011 winter, I produced a series of snowboarding videos “The Clubbies” about the lifestyle and riding that goes on in a number of small and obscure ski fields in the South Island of New Zealand, great places with very interesting stories and some awesome snow. The series was three episodes long with each episode three to five minutes long. The series was designed to break the mind set of the club ski fields or as they are affectionately known as a place you might take a trip to once a season and that it was this big thing to go there to a place where you can ride everyday and make a season with a group of other like minded snowboarders.

The clubbies can be an intimidating place, deeper in the mountains where skiing is still the norm and many of the occupants having been there since they were young if not multiple generations and lifts technical to ride many snowboarders feel uneasy before getting to the day lodge, we opened the series up in this way with one of the opening comments having an old time skier referring to us as “gays on trays” before we build into why we are there.

Since this series snowboarding has grown and evolved and continues to become more common place at the clubbies.

The Featured Video above is the first episode.

Episode 2

Episode 3