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2017 Turns All Year

I didn’t ride everyday but I did ride every month and every month theres something pretty all time to do, thanks to all the friends who did this with me.

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Ollie Hunt, Cheeseman

Alex Brook, Mt Olympus

The mountains have always been calling and always will, there is far more to explore out there even if the wind is ripping over a ridge, your legs and lungs are burning from the climb and there is more to come before the summit.

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The Clubbies

During the 2011 winter, I produced a series of snowboarding videos “The Clubbies” about the lifestyle and riding that goes on in a number of small and obscure ski fields in the South Island of New Zealand, great places with very interesting stories and some awesome snow. The series was three episodes long with each episode three to five minutes long. The series was designed to break the mind set of the club ski fields or as they are affectionately known as a place you might take a trip to once a season and that it was this big thing to go there to a place where you can ride everyday and make a season with a group of other like minded snowboarders.

The clubbies can be an intimidating place, deeper in the mountains where skiing is still the norm and many of the occupants having been there since they were young if not multiple generations and lifts technical to ride many snowboarders feel uneasy before getting to the day lodge, we opened the series up in this way with one of the opening comments having an old time skier referring to us as “gays on trays” before we build into why we are there.

Since this series snowboarding has grown and evolved and continues to become more common place at the clubbies.

The Featured Video above is the first episode.

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This was my entry for the CHILL Film Feast short film competition over the weekend, I had been planning on making this while filming and working out how much awesome footage wouldn’t make the actual edits, then was asked to put something into the Film Feast. I didn’t know it was a competition, I hadn’t even started making it till after the entries closed and even claim in the middle of it some of my shots aren’t any good.

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Chill Adventures Winter 2012 Mag

With the snow season coming up soon Chill have released their winter mag, keeping the scene up to date with everything from the club fields and after last season I felt like I hadn’t shot many photos while concentrating on the Clubbies film series but after I scrolled the hard drives and submitted a whole bunch I came out with 15 shots published as well as writing 1 article and appearing in 2 more photos so not too bad in the end and this shot to me just shows the Chill vibe as it’s meant to be. Bring on winter.

The BR ski patrollers chilling

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The Clubbies Ep3

The third and final of this season’s series of The Clubbies has been a massive learning curve but also really cool to work on and thanks to a massive amount of people who helped out in many ways. Next year may be back in a new format but who knows.

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The Clubbies Ep2

It’s definitely been an interesting season and a little while since the first ep came out but with the Chill series and other commitments we got around to making this and as always Liam killed it.

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Backside Blog

So this says something about the clubbies being cool in Italian, I have no idea what but backsideblog is real dope so check the pictures and vids anyway.
clubbies stoke in italian

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The Clubbies Ep1

So here it is the first of what will hopefully be continuing for a while to build upon this little story, thanks to everyone involved and Dereck who is the man. Check the ep to find out why. Follow the rest of the story on www.theclubbies.com

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