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snowboarders on a mountain ridgeline
snowboarding powder turn


For one of the Snow Show TV shows I filmed and edited during the 2012 winter I travelled from Tekapo to Wanaka with two of New Zealand’s best snowboarders, Will Jackways & Abby Lockhart, as well as their dog and documented the travels along the way, the show is about the lifestyle of riding as much as the tricks. All of my Snow Show eps are here.

Simple Laps

I’ve been cutting away on this clip for Ben from across the ocean. The internet opens up nice little options like being able to quickly and easily help someone out like this to do the editing on a piece of footage that you wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to film.

skiing big mountain cliff drop

George Pengelly 2011

The fast up and coming big mountain skier in New Zealand needed an edit with only a few extra days filming most of the content for this video came from event footage we had worked on during the 2011 season.