Airtime and it’s sister winter show The Snow Show were a New Zealand action sports TV series with each short episode running around five minutes and covering an event, trip or profiling an athlete in their chosen sport from wakeboarding, snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, moto-x and BMX. I directed, produced, filmed and episodes eighteen episodes over three seasons of the show. Traveling around New Zealand with some great friends and a couple of cameras gave some real special opportunities highlighted here.

The featured video above is about the World Heli Challenge during season one of The Snow Show and really showcases what the series tried to show with an international crew meeting with locals and running between multiple action sports in New Zealand. I followed one local athlete and showed a specific viewpoint on an event with a number of large personalities while keep the whole thing feel as if it could be your friends.

All summer episodes of airtime have been removed from the internet the Snow Show remains as it was hosted on a seperate account.