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Jewel of the Sierra

The Wireless – Dave North

One of the nice perks of this job is that I got to work with one of those people that I’ve been interested in for a while. I’ve skated his boards on and off for a while, as has probably everyone thats skated in NZ.
I’ve heard a fair amount about Dave, he lives half an hour away from where I did a bunch of years back on the west coast, where both of us were kinda in the middle of nowhere, which is maybe why I hadn’t met him, he enjoys his privacy, making it really cool that he let us follow him around with a camera and Anna Pearson with her notepad. Check the full piece on The Wireless or the video piece.

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Airtime Skating Chch’s New Park

I got up to Christchurch to check out and shoot the redeveloped Washington Way skate park for the latest Airtime Ep on TV 4 and NZSkate.com, one of the best places I’ve had a roll, too bad we struggled with the weather before deadline and I was back South before I had that much of a chance to skate the park myself. Thanks to James, Jordan, Jack & Alex for helping out with the shoot.


The video has been taken offline.

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Queenstown Skate Airtime Ep

So with dead season hanging around I got down to the skate parks and caught up with a few of the locals for an Airtime Ep now playing on TV Four and NZSkate.com. Thanks to Indy, Sage, TJ, and everyone else who helped out and braved the cold and frosty parks.


The video has been taken offline.

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Queenstown Skate Bowls Comp