Design Scribbles

These are a selection of visualization of thoughts or ideas, generally they are a reaction to something I’ve been around at the time although some of them were made for something in particular.

ski film poster

Charlotte Percle made a really cool film this year, it’s about some first year Freeride World Tour skiers, including a mutual friend of our Sam Lee, so when she asked me to help with a poster for the film I happily grab a few of the photos she had and got into photoshop.

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baby card

So I’ve been travelling and missing a few of the things I need to be doing like updating my piece a week. This was one I made for my cousin and her new baby.

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minimalist poster

This was a little side project at a time I was getting to design any posters and felt the desire to get back to playing with them more often, they were generally a reaction to what I was around during the week.

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