A Piece A Week

This was a little side project at a time I was getting to design any posters and felt the desire to get back to playing with them more often, they were generally a reaction to what I was around during the week.

I Made a GIF

Maybe I should make some more, do something a little more complex than this, tumblr possibly had some influence, I’ve seen a bunch of people making really interesting ones and the last one I made was first year design school but my piece a week is online so I may as well use an online media.
mellow little gif

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Piece two of my piece a week series comes from one of the main areas I have been spending time at the moment, almost everyday we wake up and go drive the mountain passes, toge, around the area and look for locations to film. A simple concept but not always the easiest.
minimalist poster

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A Piece A Week Original

As part of some sort of New Years resolution even tho it’s a couple of weeks late I am going to try and create a bunch more of these little designs that I do, somewhat of a poster format, based mainly on typography and generally with no deeper meaning at all.
poster typography

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