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As mentioned in my previous blog post I have been working on a new e-commerce site, well it’s live at katerina.co.nz, based on woo themes with a few tweaks, it’s cost effective but also has a few extra things that don’t come out of the packet.
Photography of garment and cover photo are also mine.
website preview

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Sale Only Woocommerce

So away from my normal post of the media I’ve been creating and to a little something that I couldn’t find and took way too long to do something very simple. I’ve been working on a site that was almost done and they wished to have a Sale page so when anything goes on sale it automatically gets put onto the page, I’m only slightly editing a woo theme so used woo commerce which to be fair I’m not too familiar with but this is something I’ve seen on many site so didn’t hesitate at the request. I could be wrong in the best way to do this but the way I have found it possible and easy to do was

  1. head to my themes folder and find the page.php file
  2. copy this and rename page-sale.php
  3. add the custom-page template code to the top of the page
  4. <?php
    Template Name: sale

  5. get to the site’s dashboard and create a new page
  6. title it sale and in the text editor side of the content type 


  7. change the template to sale
  8. publish and done in a minute flat

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Rolleston Square Invite 2014

As I continue with the annual invites for Rolleston Square I have gone more contemporary this year while still trying to hold within the style and the constrains of the brand. Bringing the elements together around the square and the shopping bag from the logo.

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Rolleston Square

I designed a series of posters for the Rolleston Square shopping center and the events they were holding. The posters are based heavily on the colors and logo of Rolleston Square.

The featured image was designed for the 2014 Christmas party.

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Rolleston Squared

For my third year working with Rolleston Square on their invite / poster design for end of year drink I took the idea of the square a little further and went a touch more contemporary while still working along with what I had done with them before.
poster for end of year drinks

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Logo Modification Concept

Tail Gate – concept

A few of were looking at running a little event that looks like it isn’t going to happen anymore so I figure I should leave this online as otherwise I’ll forget about it somewhere in my hard drives.
event poster

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Welcome to CHILL Series ’13

And we start again with a little teaser to this years series with Fraser McDougall, talking about a few dates and some stuff. I’ve changed it up a bit this year, not as heavy on the chalk animations but a few shots from last year and a couple other little things.

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NZ Tour Guide Site

I’ve just been working on with Richard Gallagher on his tour guide business’s website. A company thats far more about people than the digital side just needed something of a presence that was easy to read and understand. We worked on a single page design starting with a Woo designs theme.
Check the link here.

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Bike Card