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Dirt Day

I was asked to put together a new piece for the rumblers right around the time Mad Max Fury Road was released and this couldn’t not have an impact on the gang as well as what I would do with the design so I grabbed a few old shots I had and clicked around a bit in photoshop.

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Dice Brass Knuckles & Guitar

Skate Rooster

As one of those things I’ve always been meaning to do I got a un-cut blank for my next skate deck, I wasn’t exactly sure of how to make it into something and just made some of it up along the way, anyway the shape is kinda what I was skating with Santa Cruz and the graphic is freehand acrylic pen based on the srircha hot sauce bottle that for some reason I thought would work for a graphic on something or other.

skateboard graphic

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CHK Pig Hunting Season

Apparently we are coming into pig hunting season so I’ve just worked up a new ad for Canterbury Homekill, running relatively small in the local paper, hence the need to push the name out stronger than just in the logo.canterbury homelike newspaper ad

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JKB Logo

Canterbury Homekill Logo

Vintage Peddler Logo

Quake City Rumblers Logo

JKB Re-branding & Card

I worked on the JKB logo a while back but as a small company the branding was pretty minimal but we had a little something happening but as it was a good time to update we have worked together to create this new logo and business card.
jkb buisness card
jkb business card back

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Wedding Invite

I helped out a friend with an invite and a few other pieces for his big day, not in my usual style but nice to work on something different and with a little help of stock borders.
jania andrew wedding invites

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