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the Lost Duck Issue #5

So another second Thursday has come around with the publication of the next issue of the Lost Duck, all the info you need for the fortnight in Whistler. Find more info and your digital copy of the yellow issue at www.thelostduck.ca

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The Lost Duck

So after alot of my down time has been spent getting this to print the First Issue of the Lost Duck is now in the streets. This is the new pocket guide to whats going on in Whistler and I have been working on the design of the publication and have put together the map. Im really happy to see the response its getting in the public and as the next issue comes out in two weeks its not long til the second issue will need to be put together, then two weeks after that and two weeks after that, Im going to be kept busy with this.

Check out the site with a larger net version of the publication at http://www.thelostduck.ca/

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Photoshop work

So for the past few days, it has been a real rush to get some promotional work all finished up and tidy.

I’ve been using these photos shot in the studio and adding them to enhanced backgrounds to get the final effect.

Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for shooting the models I was assistant at the shoot but I did shoot some of the backgrounds.

There is 13 in total so you will be seeing them around NZ stores and malls soon enough but heres a sneak peak at what I’ve been doing.

Nicola 1

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