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Train Travel

I took the train down from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast yesterday morning. In one side of Brisbane out the other and there is not alot to do on a train ride by yourself so i shot a couple images. Now I have to do some work I’ve been procrastinating on.

travel net

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Emberley Rail Jam

The boys at emberley clothing comapny held a sweet little rail jam in Dunedin the other day, apart from the rain was good times

check out the write ups and photos, on a few sites were getting it out there.

Emberly_rail_jam_180909_IMG_8575 net
Emberly_rail_jam_180909_IMG_8543 net
Emberly_rail_jam_180909_IMG_8549 net

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Hutt pipe shoot

new article ive run onto in the infamous Mt Hutt half pipe

ben comber snowboarding
ben comber snowboarding
michael mccloy snowboarding
ASH GUTHRIE Long_day_with_miles_130909_ (160) net

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