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The Weekend Herald Pullout

So Instagram is telling me I was featured in the Weekend Herald for my skate shot in Wellington the other day. Skate culture in mass media is a bit of a hard one to get right but as I’ll take it.

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I headed to Wellington for the past few days to check out the Semi-permanent design conference, but somehow action sports is always still around, the skate scene up there is really cool, I got to the latest release party for Seconds magazine right off the plane and a couple of days later we stumbled across the Zon of the lines skate comp, Pedro Day was killing it with this frontside flip, I figured I may as well snap a couple of frames and Dave Read, aka blue shirt and fisheye in this shot was keen on posting it into the Manual write up.

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Man Camp

Saturday was rather larger than life, I had been shooting a solid 12 hours of photos on Friday so when my alarm went off again just after 5am I dragged myself up to shoot sunrise again, the a tour round town to find another shot, back home for an hour when my phone went so it was a wakeskate in the arvo, straight to the downhill bike tracks and as I was getting home for a chilled Saturday Night my flat mate told me I had 5minutes to pack for Man Camp aka drive to the end of the road as it gets dark, make a fire, sleep on a steep hill with no tents and wake up early again.
fire on sunset

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Half way through the CHILL Series I made an interesting choice to stop sleeping and go back onto the road to keep filming when I needed to spend a lot of time editing, the opportunity had come up to chase Will J and Abby down to Tekapo with some new snow, the trip started well, the first turns were deep and the sun was shining, as we walked to the Ohau ridge the wind started to really blow and didn’t stop, we made the most of the next few days but didn’t get everything we needed so a few days back in Christchurch then off to Wanaka to finish off this ep.

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How to find the mountain

I already know how to get to Temple Basin, it’s one of the best ski fields in the world so I try to get up there as often as I can, right off the main road but with gear lifts that don’t take people and a walking track that takes a while so I’ve been working with the crew up there to get this handy little video to show everyone else how find there way up.

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The French

Last night when I was half scribbling in a note book and half paying attention to some really cool french movie we have on hard drive it got me thinking.
I should really get back there one day soon and pick up a few more copies of Be Street mag when I do or at least find the last copy I had, all I remember over where it is the cover had been ripped off it.

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The Clubbies Ep2

It’s definitely been an interesting season and a little while since the first ep came out but with the Chill series and other commitments we got around to making this and as always Liam killed it.

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Backside Blog

So this says something about the clubbies being cool in Italian, I have no idea what but backsideblog is real dope so check the pictures and vids anyway.
clubbies stoke in italian

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Media Pass

I’ve just been on the road for enough days to get back for a couple nights then be away again, my truck was a bomb site and when I got round to tidying it up I found the Media Pass I was given for the Rail Jam on Saturday night, I thought it was awesome being hand drawn but the bouncers didn’t so it didn’t actually help so I had to get a wrist band which happened to be the wrong colour and bla bla bla media pass never actually helped for anything but this blog post.

The shots from the Rail Jam will be out asap.

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