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Road Cone

Mandy Pickering

I went down to the Mandy Pickering CD release to grab some shots for Metropol a couple nights back, Maybe another music shoot tomorrow night as well, its such a weird thing to shoot music when you can’t actually see what they are creating but I always enjoy it.

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Vintage Peddler DLE

Josho and a GoPro


Ive been working on the Vintage Peddler design, a hire company for old bikes, the sign is up and the bikes are ready to be ridden, also been shooting heaps of photos to go with the design so will be blogging more vintage peddler soon.


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Local Assault BMX Jam

Two years ago this jam was the first thing I shot with my 50D, it was brand new and I had a million things to learn but was happy with a few of the shots I got. This time I shot a few quick shots then video on the 7D still got a million things to learn and still happy with a few of the shots, I’ll get back editing the video in the next week or two and get back to this jam in the coming years so how shots evolve.

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Building Motor Bikes

I went down for the local fixie ride thursday night, didn’t really ride very far but went to Goodbye Blue Mondays where there were a few guys working on building up old motor bikes so got a few pics and rode home.

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Analog game of

Gave me a good excuse to get away from the computer on friday night and I haven’t been to the park in a long time was fun to go for a quick roll, see some kids I haven’t seen in way too long and shoot some frames

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Dracula’s for Halloween

Richard Kavanagh

Hairdressing has never been on top of my list of things to shoot photos of, being generally a year between haircuts for me not something I’m super interested on but was an interesting shoot with someone thats doing really cool work in New Zealand and around the globe.

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