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Content Security Policy

I’ve been doing some work on CSP’s to make sure my Observatory scores are nice and high. These are pretty basic notes but the documentation is weird for this and it took me longer than it should have.

There’s a couple things more than the MDN docs I’ve learnt along the way. As a bunch of this doesn’t seem to be easily found together in documentation.


Start with the gatsby-plugin-csp but then also add the gatsby-plugin-netlify

The way Gatsby deals with images there is no way to get inlines out of the CSP


Theres a little problem here with having inline scripts makes the CSP considerably weaker but that’s also how the editor works so I’ve been adding what I can to the .htaccess file and then some more through the meta tag in the themes header.php file

.htaccess file

The CSP needs to be wrapped in this if statement

<IfModule mod_headers.c>
    Content-Security-Policy "default-src 'self';

multi line blocks need line breaks with slashes like these that are not needed in the meta tag

Header set Content-Security-Policy: "default-src 'self'; \
style-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline'; \
font-src 'self' ;"


When dealing with a theme using jetpack theres an inline script on every page that’s easy to grab and throw the hash into the script-src on either Edge or Chrome writing it out for you in the console.


In the .htaccess file add the line

report-uri /csp-violation-report-endpoint.php

This is referencing the root of the site beside the .htaccess file I’ve been adapting on the file here

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This Land

Turning Point

My year of 2019 is looking to be as different as many of the years before it. January 1st I won’t have a stereotypical house but will be traveling out of Frosty the Snow Van a pseudo completed camper conversion of a Dodge Promaster with my wife and adventure buddy Kenzie and our little dog Blue. 

I’m nervous about exactly what work I can do on the road and think a lot of it will be website design and development but I will be in some amazing places and hopefully have enough power to produce some amazing media and that’s going to channel into Snowledge in a more complete way. 

For the past year my goal for Snowledge was 365 of media so we could keep the social channels running all year. It wasn’t perfect but we did something around that number and although improving that stream is key I also want to make pieces that are more than just a photo or a single video clip. 

Pieces like “It Takes 3 Turns” an editorial on the start of a season with words as well as images. I wouldn’t say words are my strongest point but I’m working on them and trying to read in-depth while taking on what other people are doing to hold attention. 

3 Turns is just a general thought I had and maybe that will become something of an editors column or maybe it’ll just be a piece of many but it’s here for the reading now

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Pacific North Quest

Over the course of a week I travelled with the Snowledge crew through mostly Oregon and riding the peaks that were still covered in snow. A large amount of the project was shot on iPhone on top of a bracket while I was also shooting stills, this defintley knocks the quality down on both but let me create a huge amount of content to keep the Snowledge social media feeds going through the summer.

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New Priest Business Card Design

This is something more modern for a pretty traditional company, the last round of cards had the cell phone too big and central which resulted in a lot of calls and texts which at least means print still works.

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Tiny Retreats Logo


Always nice to see a new shot in print as that hasn’t been my focus for a while and this one was in the SNOWBOARD magazine exposure competition, it was a finalist for the abstract section and just one of those shots that turned out. This was a plan B after hiking up Squaw in the late summer, I had to get my twelve calendar months and Garrett Cygan is just always keen to ride. We we’re making a short video for Snowledge when I figured this would like better as a still and well I’m really happy that it did and really happy with how well the DJI Mavic Pro turns out in print.

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iPhone X Snow Test

In a really nice turn of events it kinda made sense to pick up the iPhone X, I grabbed it the day I jumped on the road but it was a blur of using a real camera most of the time, I got home and got to put the camera to the test with a few friends for a Snowledge video around the local resort.

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Katerina – New Theme

I’ve just finished putting together a new theme for Katerina which you can explore on http://katerina.co.nz. The site is built on a WordPress CMS with woo commerce for the products, the theme is developed on top of foundation.

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KBong Tiny Porch Concert