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For The

My shots have just been used on a new post on For The Ride Motorcycle magazine in the For The Friendships section about the Quake City Rumblers, check the article here and have a read of all that Gal has to say.

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Dirt Masters 2015

Dirt Day

Earnest Workshop Wednesdays

The guys over at Earnest have been done around the south and hanging out with a few of the Q.C.R. they were posting in a new blog about Chris’s garage which is something anyone can aspire to, I’m not sure if anyone counts the bikes in there but its more than your fingers on both hands, check it out here #WORKSHOPWEDNESDAYS: QUAKE CITY’S CHRIS MORRESEY anyway they wanted to grab a few shot to fill in the article and had been following me on the gram so posted up a couple things we had shot a while back.

quake city rumblers fire

quake city rumblers moped burn out

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Quake City Rumblers Logo

Quake City Rumblers Moped Gang

After moving into a half house, half garage with one of my earliest friends in infancy of the Q.C.R. gave me the opportunity to evolve my photography along with the style of the pseudo gang.

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Tank Moto

I’ve been waiting a while to get hold of this mag as it got sent out a while back but I’ve been moving around so much I didn’t get it sent to my home address. The Quake City Rumbler boys had been hit up by this Australian mag and asked me to come shoot so while here for a few days I got some stuff and we were rewarded with a twelve page spread, definitely the biggest I’ve had in a single article. Get your hands on issue five where you can, I think Melbourne or check what they are up to at www.tankmoto.commoped gang photo

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Q.C.R. vs the Blue Panthers

Playing around with testing new gimbals. No post production stabilisation and I’m well impressed with it not that I could tell what it is because it’s not mine but opens up plenty more options for shots that I’ve wanted to get.

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Quake City Rumblers

Reverse Ride