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Dirt Day


While working in a shared work space that was made for fashion designers but I managed to find my way in gave me a chance to work with a number of new clients including Yulia Marsh of Katerina.

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Quake City Rumblers Logo

Rolleston Square Invite 2014

As I continue with the annual invites for Rolleston Square I have gone more contemporary this year while still trying to hold within the style and the constrains of the brand. Bringing the elements together around the square and the shopping bag from the logo.

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Tail Gate – concept

A few of were looking at running a little event that looks like it isn’t going to happen anymore so I figure I should leave this online as otherwise I’ll forget about it somewhere in my hard drives.
event poster

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Run to the Guns


The big beast in this game, I’ve been using a few versions now and it may not be perfect but I know my way around a few parts of the program and with a tablet to draw on I can create a whole range of different things whether they have anything to do with a photo or not.

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A Piece A Week Original

As part of some sort of New Years resolution even tho it’s a couple of weeks late I am going to try and create a bunch more of these little designs that I do, somewhat of a poster format, based mainly on typography and generally with no deeper meaning at all.
poster typography

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Auckland Wakeboard Open poster.

Not that I’m going to the event but I was asked to this poster yesterday morning and have it finished by yesterday night. After scratching my head for a while I used this image from about 3 days after I got my first DSLR, I guess there is a reason I have soo many hard drives on my desk.
minimal action sports poster

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Vintage Peddler DLE