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The Fun

Last year after I was finished up with CHILL series 2012 I made an extra video, just a little something for a CHILL movie night they were having, everything that was awesome but good, https://vimeo.com/50750991 and people seemed to like it, getting more views than some of the actual videos so I had to make another this year.

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Black Diamond Big Mountain CHILL Series 2013

I’m always stoked to go back to Temple Basin it’s one of the most photogenic places I’ve been and add to the mix some crazy skiing and you have yourself a weekend, After Tom and Cam’s duo effort for the K2, the girls decided they could do better so Alex Brook and Taylor Rapley take you through the event with some crazy tricks and lines.

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K2 Big Mountain CHILL Series 2013

With only one stop of the K2 this year we ventured to Craigieburn and despite minimal snow managed to scrounge something for the comp with a quick 5cm the night before. Tom Brownlee was lead for the vid but when he turned up in the car park he decided he would call in Cam McD for a second announcer. The two produce some interesting sentences but it’s fun and this year Alex Bowater took the long lens spot in harsh conditions where the wind never stopped blowing the 500mm is extremely hard to keep steady and the interviews are hard to keep clean. Matty J was wandering about on the second day so I threw him the audio recorder and came back with an a solid yarn.

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Charlie Profile

The fifth and final of the lead up pieces to CHILL series we end with New Zealand Skier of the Year Charlie Lyons, after spending a whole season with cameras jammed in his face for the Freeride World Tour he’s pretty used to it which makes interviews far easier and it just became a recorded chat.

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Alex Profile

With the CHILL series another week closer we released Alex’s profile, she was the winner of the girls section of the Black Diamond Big Mountain in 2012 and coming back for another year to defend the title.

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Cam McD profile

This year as build up to the 2013 CHILL Series we are releasing some profiles of the top skiers with highlights of them from years past, starting of with the 2012 K2 winner Cam McD on a very hungover morning after just finishing his latest edit.

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Welcome to CHILL Series ’13

And we start again with a little teaser to this years series with Fraser McDougall, talking about a few dates and some stuff. I’ve changed it up a bit this year, not as heavy on the chalk animations but a few shots from last year and a couple other little things.

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During the 2012 CHILL Big Mountain series I ended up with a lot of footage that I really liked but didn’t fit with in the edits so I made this extra edit for the Ice Film Fest. The rest of the CHILL series 2012 is here.

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21 December 2011,

Riley has worked in a creative capacity for Chill Studio accorss a number of aspects – graphic gesign, web design, photographic services and film work.

Riley has delivered professional photographic services during both winter snow and summer bike season.

“His eye for capturing the flavour of our message through imagrey is superb.”

Riley is also a competant camera person, and has produced a number of webisode for some of CHILLs event activities, including the K2 Big Mountain CHILL Series and the Black Diamond Big Mountain. His work has included pre-production planning, onsite filming and directing, plus editing along with website delivery.

Recent graphic and design work has included a photo shoot for bike hire business, graphic design and advert work for our summer bike magazine and a DLE brochure, website design for the bike hire business and T-shirt design with branding.

We continue to use Riley across all aspect of our design and creative work.

Stu Waddel

Director Chill


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CHILL Adventures Summer 13

The newest edition of the CHILL mag has just come out and including some rather small shots I am sitting at a count of 31 images so I’ve added a selection of a few of the bike images from the last year that I was happy to get on paper.
mountain biking lifestyle

downhill biking

mountain biking

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