21 December 2011,

Riley has worked in a creative capacity for Chill Studio accorss a number of aspects – graphic gesign, web design, photographic services and film work.

Riley has delivered professional photographic services during both winter snow and summer bike season.

“His eye for capturing the flavour of our message through imagrey is superb.”

Riley is also a competant camera person, and has produced a number of webisode for some of CHILLs event activities, including the K2 Big Mountain CHILL Series and the Black Diamond Big Mountain. His work has included pre-production planning, onsite filming and directing, plus editing along with website delivery.

Recent graphic and design work has included a photo shoot for bike hire business, graphic design and advert work for our summer bike magazine and a DLE brochure, website design for the bike hire business and T-shirt design with branding.

We continue to use Riley across all aspect of our design and creative work.

Stu Waddel

Director Chill