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Hunt For The Powder People

New Zealand will always be home, even if I don’t call it home day to day so having the chance to get back and hang out with family and friends but also sneak in our fair share of days on the hill.

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CHILL Winter Mag 15

I haven’t been spending a huge amount of time in the clubbies the past few years but that didn’t stop me from making it into the Licence to Chill Manual #10 with a couple shots from the trusty iPhone. I pretty much never shoot with my phone but Kenzie wrote a piece on disk golf and I had a couple images of her playing so what they say about the best camera being the one you have with you is true and I’m pretty happy with the quality of this shot.

disk golf photo

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K2 Big Mountain 2014

After a few years of coming back to the CHILL Series it’s nice that something is always different but the weather patterns this year were unexpected, but at least we got good sun on the second day and the young crew is really crushing it. New Zealand skiing has a really strong depth to it right now and every time I’m at a mountain I get reminded of it, either just riding a big rat pack or watching Hank Bilous send it for this comp.

Also Cam and Tom tried their hand at some infomercials, I think they need work but could be fun for next year.

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Ollie Hunt, Cheeseman

Alex Brook, Mt Olympus

The mountains have always been calling and always will, there is far more to explore out there even if the wind is ripping over a ridge, your legs and lungs are burning from the climb and there is more to come before the summit.

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CHILL Series fails 2013

It’s not all serious when we work in the mountains, 2014 version of something I’m going to have to keep doing, this footage can’t just sit in my hard drives.

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Black Diamond Big Mountain 2013

Carrying on with my work on the CHILL Big Mountain series from the past few years the Temple Basin event always holds challenges, working at one of the more remote ski fields, including a half hour walk to access the lodge, this year held low levels of snow but good sunshine. I worked with Alex Bowater as second filmer for the event, we had the girls take over the fronting of the event, with Alex Brook, 2012 winner of the event and Taylor Rapley, 2013 winner of the K2 Big Mountain the week before.

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A buddie o mine has been working hard getting his community bike garage open in Christchurch so while I was up there the other day we got a couple of pics and now they are out in the new Licence to Ride Manual, formerly the CHILL Adventures summer mag. I’ve got a new other shots in there too.

rad bike store

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Aloha or Die

During this years CHILL Series a couple of my buddies had a little jam up at Temple Basin, Roy & Christina aka Aloha or Die played some sweet little tunes, I had an idea of using it somewhere along the way in the ski edits but that never happened so I threw it together nice and fast for them here so it see’s at least some light of day.

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CHILL Series Snowboard

The snowboard field continues to keep uping the game in the big mountain NZ comps, its crazy to see how the conditions are to deal with, these really are ski comps but these guys have some lines.

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