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Deflux Build

Simoun Courtney won the Stienlarger Pure Futures competition with the idea of hand building unique bikes in his garage, a little kiwi ingenuity and some metal and you can create art.

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CHILL Adventures Summer 13

The newest edition of the CHILL mag has just come out and including some rather small shots I am sitting at a count of 31 images so I’ve added a selection of a few of the bike images from the last year that I was happy to get on paper.
mountain biking lifestyle

downhill biking

mountain biking

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I’ve been thinking more about getting into some more design of physical things, I like designing but it’s all very digital these days so this kind of thing is a fun project to work on. I love bike, especially stripped back this far, there is very little that doesn’t help to going forwards in a true form follows function, plus very little can go wrong with it.
my fixied gear bike

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The Hipster Grid

For the Vintage Peddler ad in the Chill Summer Adventures Mag, we went less on branding with just a couple logos dropped into the photos which meant a bit of layout and an arvo riding around on the bikes with a few kids, nothing to it.
Riley Bathurst photo and design for the vintage peddler

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Chill Adventures Summer 2011

Going Fast

Ryan’s footage of the Homer Tunnel & down towards Milford Sound on a mountain bike with a gopro on his head, I drove, way less exciting but also way warmer and dryer, this is right before Georgies Amazon jump a few posts down

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As I’m getting back to work for the new year it’s good feeling like I achieved something at the end of 2010. I’ve got heaps of pages of design, photos and even some writing through this summer’s Chill mag including this shot on the cover but these are a couple of my favourites.

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Ive been working on the Vintage Peddler design, a hire company for old bikes, the sign is up and the bikes are ready to be ridden, also been shooting heaps of photos to go with the design so will be blogging more vintage peddler soon.


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ALine in the bike park