Over the past couple weeks I’ve been searching the hard drives for shot in a new collaboration with Mark Bridgwater thats going towards NZwakeboard.com. heres a what he has to say about it.

I have always thought the separations and rivalries in action sports quite confusing, when we all share the same attitudes and philosophies and I wanted to break down the barriers. This is where Project ThreeSixty was borne. Project ThreeSixty is a visual project to open the minds of those outside action sports and break down the separations within. I want to show how all action sports interrelate with a shared culture and similar ideas.
The first phase of Project ThreeSixty is using my photography to showcase the art and expression involved, treating athletes of much as artists as the photographers and videographers who make up the sub culture. The Project ThreeSixty book is the first form of my look into this sub culture, showcasing athletes and fellow photographers and their sports; looking into the history, techniques and tricks of both the sports and photographs.
The other half of Project ThreeSixty is my own personal work into photography with my spherical panoramas, breaking away the restrictions of composition and allowing the viewer into the entire scene and moment in an encompassing environment. These spherical panoramas will be displayed in a variety of ways both on the outside and inside of cubes, playing with the mind in terms of space and surroundings.