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Wake Nationals 2013

I managed to make it to wake nationals again this year, I must be getting somewhere near 10 by now but who’s counting. This year we shot an airtime TV ep in conjunction with NZwakeboard.com


The video has been taken offline.

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Wake Nationals Recap

I covered the NZ wakeboard nationals again this year creating a couple of videos including this one for NZwakeboard.com showcasing the event including all different divisions and the atmosphere that surrounds the event.

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Should You Buy Lipsmack?

I did something relatively common to my life yesterday and added to my collection of wakeboard films yesterday I also did something a little less common and wrote a review, I tried to stay away from the whole this trick was good this rider did this and brought up the question of why pay for something as intangible as an iTunes file.

The article was written for NZwakeboard.com but upon seeing it published I’m not as happy as I could be with the result, the format of the site is for what is normally run, photos and videos but not for words, every word is lost in every other one, I don’t want to read it. I would like to think this site is better but not amazing. I need to tweak my design so that words are readable, I’d like to see this on an iPad as I see that as a joining point between computers and books where maybe I will find this easier to read but until then here is that article.

I just watched Lipsmack for the first time and my opinions will change if I watch it again so I’ll write this now when I have some fresh ideas and a desire to shine some light on if you to should spend the $15 for the HD iTunes download as I did, there are also the SD and renting options cheaper online, maybe a DVD that’s more and it will probably already be on the torrents if you want it free but illegally, I won’t be going into if I think this should have been a free release on vimeo, it’s not, that means it’s not an option to discuss and let just deal with what we those we can control and those are my choice to pay that much of my hard earned cash and if I think you should too?


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the Wakeskate Nationals Photo flipbook 2012

Skate Nationals is this week

Wake Nationals Photo Gallery

the Original Wakeskate Nationals poster is finished.

Airtime – Lake Matahina

We spent a week shreading at Paul Maguires place in Ohope it’s a real cool little spot right on the coast, the weather even played ball for a couple days, massive thanks to Liam Hall for all the help with the filming and editing and everyone else that made the ep possible.


The video has been taken offline.

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Coming Soon poster

Big Boys Toys Airtime

The second of my clips to be released on Airtime, the action sports show on TVNZ U from a trip up to Auckland for the Big Boys Toys action sports and lifestyle expo, really cool to work with not only the wake kids but also the BMX and FMX as well so I’m stoked to see these on the screen and now on vimeo as well. So thanks to Liam Hall for half the shooting and editing as well as all the others that made it possible.


The video has been taken offline.

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