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Calendar Blackout Dates

I’ve been working on a friend’s site over at JKBinstalls.co.nz It’s nothing too crazy but has a form or a couple of forms that can help them with setting up appointments, the general put your name, email, and a few details about what you’re looking for.


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Wineram.com // Penrose theme

I’ve been working with wineram on a new website, which you can check out but also one of the cool things about it is that if your liking the way it looks the wordpress theme is available for purchase, there are a few custom things involved in wineram’s site but thats cool and as the theme is used for a commercial project already it’s guaranteed to keep getting updates, well more so than me saying I will keep working on a passion project. Penrose as theme is known by itself has been developed with wineram so as a primary use a video portfolio it works great but by no means that is it’s only application.
I do plan on writing more documentation of the theme but as a working example use wineram.com and get in contact riley@rileybathurst.com if you think you might want to use the theme.
wineram screen

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My CMS (Content Management System) of choice for making websites, It’s easy for anyone to look at the back end and thats what counts for many of my clients so I want to use what works for them. You don’t need to learn computer code, you need to do what you do and have an easy system to work so here it is. Oh and it’s free.

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Film Inc Media – Shred & Release

For anyone following any of what I’ve done with video work over the past couple of years you will have seen a Film Inc logo pop up a whole bunch of times, it was Liam Hall’s video name but now we are teaming up to make it into something bigger. The videos will remain largely the same but will have a few extra things like some basic title animations I have been doing in After Effects, this new system of how we are releasing different styles of edits. STATE are the new season edits and were starting the site off with Guido’s, the kid is killing it. Plus you have Drop out’s and strike lapse, both of which are coming soon.
The main change is really the site being the base for what we are doing so check it live at www.filmincmedia.com, it’s not quite a perfect site yet as we decided to push the idea faster than originally planned but I’ll touching it up and making it better depending on where the project leads. It’s a wordpress development with a bunch of plugins and I learnt a bunch of things with the design and development of this one that I may take to a few other sites.

Click the image or here for the site.
its how filmincmedia dot com looks on a computer

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Yeboi 2012 site

It’s been a bit hectic to get this site from seeing the range two weeks ago to shooting all the images, working on the site design and code, getting everything all together for the launch but it’s up now at www.yeboi.co.nz.
The idea was to go with something clean and simple without much colour so the bright colours of the products can shine through, organized in a strong two-column grid, and built on a WordPress back end with a few plugins for the cart and other pieces.

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Page Title Finds Tagged Post Code?

I’ve been playing around with this little piece of code,

$tag = preg_replace('/^ +/','',wp_title('',false));
$paged = (get_query_var('paged')) ? get_query_var('paged') : 1;

It took way too long to find and learn how to use but I’ve got it on NZwakeboard in the riders pages such as Josho’s, That find’s any tagged post and brings them in on a page with the same name, it can be done in easier ways by using tag templates but I’ve got another project in mind that I think it could really help with. But that’s waiting on more than one thing to fall into place before I can get it sorted, till then I’m gonna keep playing with the code and seeing if I can use it better. So, for now, throw it under the regular loop and then create another loop the same after this code and it will bring up the posts.

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It’s not really a new site, but it is, well it’s a category of NZwakeboard.com it’s a start to something I want to work towards with websites behaving more like magazine, so each page shouldn’t look as similar, nothing particularly new there but it’s the first time I’ve had separate css for different parts of a wordpress site and negative is in right now so welcome to the dark side on NZwakeboard.com
its black not white

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