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New Zealand Snowboarder 2015

With the beginning of Winter the snow mags are starting to come out, I have a little article on a trip to Mt O and Temple from last winter and an extra shot of Alek.

Will Jackways Snowboard Method

Will Jackways, method, Mt Olympus.

Shin B temple basin

Shin B, Temple Basin.

temple basin accommodation

Temple Basin.

aleksander oestreng snowboard

Aleksander Oestreng, Backside Rodeo, Remarkables.

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Will Jackways, Slash

From the start the pow turn has been the essence of snowboarding, no matter how many you do there will be infinite more to do and transferring the pleasure of that turn into an image is a constant.

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Will J Season 14

At the end of this season I had a few clips left over from working with Will J, a bit of pipe here, a trip to the clubbies there so we got to editing it with some POV footage that Will had from the season to give you this little piece.

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World Heli Challenge Entry

This year the format is all new, just to make it to the comp we have spent the past few weeks with our team of Chalrie Lyons, Will Jackways and myself. It’s kind of a strange situation with very few teams having a completely new edit such as we have but it’s all just a game to see who the two teams that will get to fly at Mt Cook are so I have to ask you to help out and throw a vote our way over at http://worldhelichallenge.com/2014/08/the-way-of-the-lyon/

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Will J in Japan extended

It’s been quite some time since we finished an epic two month journey of shooting a lot of fresh snow and with this snow year it feels even longer ago but after the release of the Monster Energy piece I talked with Will and we felt there were a bunch of shots we both liked so I’ve cut this as a hope to fill in a few pieces which may have not been seen in the first cut that was as Monster does and as a majority. snow-porn.

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Monster Energy – Will Jackways Japan Powder Edit

Will J in Japan

After stamping around the hills of Japan for a couple of months in a lot of the best snow I have come across we have got our edit out and is currently the title piece of twsnow.com. A massive thanks to Will first and foremost for making this happen and putting in soo much work to get the shots plus also to the whole crew who helped out while we were there and getting it online.

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World Heli Challenge 2013 – Winner Freestyle Day

As with anytime your running around the mountains things are going to get complicated, especially when you introduce helicopters and competition, 2013 WHC was no exception with only one of the two days completed the video competition was changed dramatically, I was honoured to receive the prize for best freestyle day, the only day completed, by the judges and bring on 2014 with hopefully a better snowpack and better weather.

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World Heli Challenge – snow show

My first experience of the World Heli Challenge was filming for the Snow Show, I worked with Will Jackways during the piece which turned out to be a rather good idea as he was the one to take out the compeition.

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