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Dream Trip

I’ve been throwing a bit of my spare weekends and nights editing up some rather cool footage of the girls skating around the South Island then off to Phillipines earlier in the year, would have been awesome to be on this one but sometimes you just can’t be everywhere at once.

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Tail Gate – concept

A few of were looking at running a little event that looks like it isn’t going to happen anymore so I figure I should leave this online as otherwise I’ll forget about it somewhere in my hard drives.
event poster

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Josh O Diptych

When your shooting with Josh O theres always one more lap, one more trick, one more frame and this allows the juxtaposition of different tricks and tweaks.

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Wake Nationals 2013

I managed to make it to wake nationals again this year, I must be getting somewhere near 10 by now but who’s counting. This year we shot an airtime TV ep in conjunction with NZwakeboard.com


The video has been taken offline.

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Wake Nationals Recap

I covered the NZ wakeboard nationals again this year creating a couple of videos including this one for NZwakeboard.com showcasing the event including all different divisions and the atmosphere that surrounds the event.

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Brad Smeele Nollie

After a long day of sitting on the shore of a competition the mind has hours of wandering, in this case we found a little something different with the ski ramp lying on the edge of the lake.

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Brad Smeele Dome

2012 NZ Wakeboard Nationals

Layers on layers on layers create a simple and clean look to a complex poster that allow readability from a thumbnail on the web to an A3 poster on a wall. Inspired by the ten years I have been attending the event.

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Show Reels

This has been something that I should have dealt with before now but I finally had a need to get one done pretty quick so I grabbed a whole bunch of what I’ve been up to for the past year and cut it up. Now I just have to go shoot some more and get something better but there are plenty of plans in the works for that.

And right around the same time Liam has been cutting the Film Inc Media reel. This was something he shot on the day after Snow Park closed and wasn’t sure what to do with it but I think it show a lot of what he’s up to as the main filmer for Film Inc, the guy just shots and edits a crazy amount.

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the Wakeskate Nationals Photo flipbook 2012