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The Rail Garden Edit

Thanks to soo many people for helping me make this, Liam Hall for filming, Josh O for riding with me. The Fergusons & those that built the gardens, The sponsors and the others that helped this is what I’ve been looking to do for a while in wakeboarding its good to feel like I’ve done what I wanted to.

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Battle Comp

Train Lane



Expanding the portfolio

Adding one of the majors to my list of what I’ve done with a camera I shot a wedding yesterday, Yesterday was the second i”ve done recently but the other was video so it’s all different.

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Liam Smith wakeskate video

Wakeskate Self Portrait

I shot this set just before I left NZ a couple weeks back, it’s not perfect but it’s a something and it proves the angel can work to a certain extent of it’s hard to frame and you ride with one arm all the time. The NZwakeboard.com site is always coming along will be good to be back home and get some more footage next week.

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Road Cone

Blenhiem 7D test