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Airtime Dirt Farm

I headed down to the dust to get some moto footage with the boys just out of Timaru for the new season of Airtime, they have gone to half hour show and making a few more changes.

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Airtime Skating Chch’s New Park

I got up to Christchurch to check out and shoot the redeveloped Washington Way skate park for the latest Airtime Ep on TV 4 and NZSkate.com, one of the best places I’ve had a roll, too bad we struggled with the weather before deadline and I was back South before I had that much of a chance to skate the park myself. Thanks to James, Jordan, Jack & Alex for helping out with the shoot.


The video has been taken offline.

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Queenstown Skate Airtime Ep

So with dead season hanging around I got down to the skate parks and caught up with a few of the locals for an Airtime Ep now playing on TV Four and NZSkate.com. Thanks to Indy, Sage, TJ, and everyone else who helped out and braved the cold and frosty parks.


The video has been taken offline.

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MX Nationals

I covered the first round of the 2012 NZ Moto X Nationals for the Airtime TV show, working with the riders to bring one day of riding into a four minute piece about the lifestyle as well as some petrol head hooning. All of my Airtime eps are here.

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For one of the Snow Show TV shows I filmed and edited during the 2012 winter I travelled from Tekapo to Wanaka with two of New Zealand’s best snowboarders, Will Jackways & Abby Lockhart, as well as their dog and documented the travels along the way, the show is about the lifestyle of riding as much as the tricks. All of my Snow Show eps are here.

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Macpac’s Christmas Commercials

Before it was really summer I shot this commercial for Macpac making it look like it was already nice and warm around here, well actually there are four ads between NZ, Australia with each having a 30 second and 15 second version over the half dozen locations showing off a bunch of different products. I don’t know full details of what channel and when it’s running but it’s broadcasting till christmas. Edited by Whitebait TV.
[youtube clip_id=”6wGC-9SyTvE” width=”700″ height=””]

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Show Reels

This has been something that I should have dealt with before now but I finally had a need to get one done pretty quick so I grabbed a whole bunch of what I’ve been up to for the past year and cut it up. Now I just have to go shoot some more and get something better but there are plenty of plans in the works for that.

And right around the same time Liam has been cutting the Film Inc Media reel. This was something he shot on the day after Snow Park closed and wasn’t sure what to do with it but I think it show a lot of what he’s up to as the main filmer for Film Inc, the guy just shots and edits a crazy amount.

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The Snow Show – World Heli Challenge

Snow Show – Mt Olympus opening

A couple of weeks ago I went on a bit of a mission that I wasn’t really sure if it was going to work out at the time, or even half way through but here we have the product and I’m happy. Mt Olympus had a bit of new snow to start the season and Mikey was keen to shread even if he was working grave yard shift up at Mt Hutt, I was hoping for a few more riders to get involved but things fall through some times and we just made a little story line and adapted as we went and came out with an ep for Snow Show, the TV show on TVNZ U.

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Airtime – Lake Matahina

We spent a week shreading at Paul Maguires place in Ohope it’s a real cool little spot right on the coast, the weather even played ball for a couple days, massive thanks to Liam Hall for all the help with the filming and editing and everyone else that made the ep possible.


The video has been taken offline.

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