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Jen GilanFarr Drone Set

I’ve been starting to mess around with dual operator drone flights, it’s a million times better, as I always knew it would be but I still get nervous flying when there’s something different happening like the drone freaking out and going to a home point that is now just lake surface or boats being unpredictable and there goes the Inspire 2 but we got this in two shots, one up and one back on the lake, thankfully Jen is ridiculous consistent and puts up with me messing with her set to get something and Wade Snider for learning the cam-op side of the drone.

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Airtime Dirt Farm

I headed down to the dust to get some moto footage with the boys just out of Timaru for the new season of Airtime, they have gone to half hour show and making a few more changes.

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CHILL Adventures Summer 13

The newest edition of the CHILL mag has just come out and including some rather small shots I am sitting at a count of 31 images so I’ve added a selection of a few of the bike images from the last year that I was happy to get on paper.
mountain biking lifestyle

downhill biking

mountain biking

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Macpac’s Christmas Commercials

Before it was really summer I shot this commercial for Macpac making it look like it was already nice and warm around here, well actually there are four ads between NZ, Australia with each having a 30 second and 15 second version over the half dozen locations showing off a bunch of different products. I don’t know full details of what channel and when it’s running but it’s broadcasting till christmas. Edited by Whitebait TV.
[youtube clip_id=”6wGC-9SyTvE” width=”700″ height=””]

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Man Camp

Saturday was rather larger than life, I had been shooting a solid 12 hours of photos on Friday so when my alarm went off again just after 5am I dragged myself up to shoot sunrise again, the a tour round town to find another shot, back home for an hour when my phone went so it was a wakeskate in the arvo, straight to the downhill bike tracks and as I was getting home for a chilled Saturday Night my flat mate told me I had 5minutes to pack for Man Camp aka drive to the end of the road as it gets dark, make a fire, sleep on a steep hill with no tents and wake up early again.
fire on sunset

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Yeboi 99

As the NZ winter is drawing to a close Yeboi decided they needed to crank up the heat, so I helped out with a couple pieces of the design for the $99 sale.
hoodies are now cheaper

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the Wakeskate Nationals Photo flipbook 2012

Half a cab with a tweak

Airtime – Lake Matahina

We spent a week shreading at Paul Maguires place in Ohope it’s a real cool little spot right on the coast, the weather even played ball for a couple days, massive thanks to Liam Hall for all the help with the filming and editing and everyone else that made the ep possible.


The video has been taken offline.

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