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CUBA set up

With the normal location now in post earthquake up to nothingness the set up has moved into the car park for tomorrow nights jib, looking good and will look even better when there is some snow on it.
If you can make it down to the event or need details check the facebook event
snowboarding rail jams need build time

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Chill Winter Adventures Mag

Pretty stocked to see a lifestyle shot on the cover of the new Chill and a few of my shots inside, with a good plug for the clubbies Hopefully get some more this year when I’m putting way more time into these fields.

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World Skiing Invitational Pipe Finals

Skiing Pipe Qualifiers

Getting back into the last few weeks of alot of shoots and not enough time to deal with anything.

Here is World Skiing Invitational pipe qualifiers as part of Telus.

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Olympic Mens Downhill

This is some seriously fast skiing. Almost stupid fast but I didn’t see anyone go down so they got it. Some crazy swiss dude Didier Defago won and the only one I’d heard of Bode Miller from the states got third.

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Simmo in Whistler

Neil Williman Wins Chill Comp