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Keep Squaw True – Happy Holidays Party

Telecom & JGeeks

I was called in to shoot for a Telecom Mass Marketing Event, they threw a good party to keep staff in all the local shops up to date with what the company is up to and where the marketing will be going and performances by this crew.
Maori Dance group

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Jess & Josh O

Last weekend it went down to Timaru to shoot with a couple of my good friends Jess and Josh O, the same Josh O who has been on this blog more than a few times before with his wake style as they got married and brought there own style to a wedding, amazing day and the rest of the photos will come one day soon when we have them finished.
wedding photo o the couple

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Coming Soon poster

Telecom Christmas Tree

Over the holiday period I’m going to spending most of my nights in at the big fancy christmas tree in Hagley park, it’s a pretty good spot to chill and take photos of kids running around and jumping on bean bags, opening night was friday and a few of my shots got picked up by the media including these from The Press website, nice one Bob, He’s the mayor of Christchurch on the line to Sanata.
telecom christmas in the park photo
telecom christmas tree santa line photo

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Octagon Rail Jam

Media Pass

I’ve just been on the road for enough days to get back for a couple nights then be away again, my truck was a bomb site and when I got round to tidying it up I found the Media Pass I was given for the Rail Jam on Saturday night, I thought it was awesome being hand drawn but the bouncers didn’t so it didn’t actually help so I had to get a wrist band which happened to be the wrong colour and bla bla bla media pass never actually helped for anything but this blog post.

The shots from the Rail Jam will be out asap.

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Jib the Park

CUBA set up

With the normal location now in post earthquake up to nothingness the set up has moved into the car park for tomorrow nights jib, looking good and will look even better when there is some snow on it.
If you can make it down to the event or need details check the facebook event
snowboarding rail jams need build time

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