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Last weekend we managed to scamper on up in to the hills, not the craziest of all starts to the season but getting days and a wee article in May is a way to start. Check the full thing at the NZsnowboard.com post.
ben comber snowboarding

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Half way through the CHILL Series I made an interesting choice to stop sleeping and go back onto the road to keep filming when I needed to spend a lot of time editing, the opportunity had come up to chase Will J and Abby down to Tekapo with some new snow, the trip started well, the first turns were deep and the sun was shining, as we walked to the Ohau ridge the wind started to really blow and didn’t stop, we made the most of the next few days but didn’t get everything we needed so a few days back in Christchurch then off to Wanaka to finish off this ep.

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The Snow Show – World Heli Challenge

TWsnow Best of the web

As part of my high fives coverage, I’d flick the switch between photo and video a bit to help get some shots for the NZsnowboard edit that Liam Hall who I work with on Film Inc Media made with shots of his own and Kaleb from the Cardrona Media House as well as my little titles. We were all pretty stoked on how the video turned out then it turns up on Transworld’s best of the web, which counts as pretty much as far as you can get with a snowboard vid on the web.
its a screenshot of transworld snowboarding

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High Fives Pipe

It’s not too often I shoot pipe but it’s cool to get into it for a day, there’s a bunch of shots in the NZsnowboard gallery including this one.
fisheye shots

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Burton High Fives Practice Day

Another media circus is beginning up at Snowpark with practice day today I just went way back with the long lens, tomorrow slopestyle and then Saturday is on the pipe. Christy was boosting methods bigger than most of the guys so she got one of the photos on the NZsnowboard gallery.
burton high five practice

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Bro Down pics and clips

The past couple days I’ve been hanging out at Snowpark NZ getting some shots for Bro Down, yesterday for practice I gave my shots to liam to cut up into this little edit, mine are the long lens, his are the fish eye. Check it here or on Film Inc Media.
[vimeo clip_id=”46849658″ width=”700″ height=””]
Today was a little more hectic for qualifiers tho, I was shooting some combination of photo, video, instagram and posting on twitter all day, check a bunch of the shots on NZsnowboard.com including this one which is my favourite.
snowboarding blue and white and black and mono
So now I’m just sitting across the room from Liam getting today’s edit finished up, stay tuned.

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Hutt Early Season Snow Show

So as the snow has fallen and we are back in the mountains the TV show Airtime I have been working on over summer has become Snow Show, same idea, same time, same channel so for my first ep of the season, Liam Hall and myself caught up with a few buddies for a game of “Shred” at Mt Hutt. If you don’t know what “Shred” is just watch as Milu tries to explain it. Always fun to be riding with the crew and I’ve got a fair amount more snow content coming along soon.

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2 sides of a coin

With it almost mid winter in 2011 there is obviously a lack in snowboard media, with soo much talk of this being the year that every kid on the mountain has a gopro and yet NZsnowboard.com are running a few of my shots from back in ’09. I was playing around with coloured flashes and a spot that has both flat run in and landing so it’s a bit different but check the full article for what we did back in the day.
Ciaran Doolin snowboard steeze
ben comber snowboarding back in 09

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