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Aloha or Die

During this years CHILL Series a couple of my buddies had a little jam up at Temple Basin, Roy & Christina aka Aloha or Die played some sweet little tunes, I had an idea of using it somewhere along the way in the ski edits but that never happened so I threw it together nice and fast for them here so it see’s at least some light of day.

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I shot a nightlife event for the first time in quite a while, Mons Royale were having a little get together over in Wanaka giving me the chance to shoot with a flash on my camera for about the first time ever to capture a few mug shots including their team rider Jossi Wells.

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Night Surf

I took down the 50mm, cranked the ISO all the way up and hand held it, shooting just cos, straight off the back of the camera an hour ago.
watching kids catch waves with a camera

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Roots Manuva

Fire Night

Telecom Christmas Tree

Over the holiday period I’m going to spending most of my nights in at the big fancy christmas tree in Hagley park, it’s a pretty good spot to chill and take photos of kids running around and jumping on bean bags, opening night was friday and a few of my shots got picked up by the media including these from The Press website, nice one Bob, He’s the mayor of Christchurch on the line to Sanata.
telecom christmas in the park photo
telecom christmas tree santa line photo

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Octagon Rail Jam

Media Pass

I’ve just been on the road for enough days to get back for a couple nights then be away again, my truck was a bomb site and when I got round to tidying it up I found the Media Pass I was given for the Rail Jam on Saturday night, I thought it was awesome being hand drawn but the bouncers didn’t so it didn’t actually help so I had to get a wrist band which happened to be the wrong colour and bla bla bla media pass never actually helped for anything but this blog post.

The shots from the Rail Jam will be out asap.

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Yeboi Queenstown Street Edit