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Fog Mountain

I’ve been away from  the blog for a few weeks due to being on the road and away from a home but now back in New Zealand I have the first of my shots from mt Hutt this year.

Ben Comber and Benji Oppan getting creative.

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Photo Battle

New Issue of Wake Mag

So got an email bout this the other day and now have a few of the files online, still can’t wait to see the full version in print. Marlon Platt aka the editor of Wake shot the cover he is legit, Josho took the contents page photo of me, thanks buddy and Guy killed it for the camera. Get your copy at www.wakeonline.com

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Andrew Wilde on profile Quicksilver

One of my buddies who helps keep the terrain park affairs in order at Mt. Hutt during the past season is rolling in his Quicksilver gears and I got the photos for his profile check out what he has to say at http://www.quiksilver.cn/cn/en/snowridersdetails.php?id=50but.

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Wakeboard video 09