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St James Walkway

The photos and the memories sometimes tell a different story, if you asked me about this ride the days after we got back all I would say is it was hot and dry but there was water somewhere along the way.

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Moving Images of Lyttelton

Over the other side of the hill from where I live is one of the more creative parts of Christchurch, most of my time spent over there is working with Liam Hall on editing video projects or coming up with ideas for the next shoot but recently I’ve also had the cameras out there, an ep of Airtime checking out the Urban Downhill Mountain Biking with Justin Leov.

And this live shoot of the Unfaithful Ways playing the Trouble I’m In that I shot with Liam and he edited, because we could essentially, Liam is friends with Marlon the lead singer and he killed it.


The Airtime video has been taken offline.

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