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Moonshine Ink

Wacky Wonderful Wharf Jumpers – AA Directions

CHILL Winter Mag 15

I haven’t been spending a huge amount of time in the clubbies the past few years but that didn’t stop me from making it into the Licence to Chill Manual #10 with a couple shots from the trusty iPhone. I pretty much never shoot with my phone but Kenzie wrote a piece on disk golf and I had a couple images of her playing so what they say about the best camera being the one you have with you is true and I’m pretty happy with the quality of this shot.

disk golf photo

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Mt Clarke – New Zealand Adventure mag

Inside the 2015 Winter issue of Adventure magazine there’s an article I put together with a few friends last year. Just a quick clip out of Queenstown we headed north to an amazing area of New Zealand and spent the trip touring and camping in the snow. Get hold of the mag and read the full article.

snow touring under glaciers

the mt clarke crew

henry ww snowboarding

snow camping

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Manual #58 – Winter 2015

The new issue of one of my favourite mags just dropped and I’m happy to have this shot of Ben Comber in the Good Times, Bad Times article working the after season at Treble Cone with a miller flip, this was the kind of thing I really wanted to shoot a lot more last year. Looking through the NZ coverage there were so many shots of international pros coming down under and working things that were cool but not absolutely crazy in a way the NZ riders could do but just didn’t.

ben comber snowboarding miller flip

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While shooting the Whistler nightlife scene you meet a different set of people than you do during the daylight hours.

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