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The Clubbies Ep2

It’s definitely been an interesting season and a little while since the first ep came out but with the Chill series and other commitments we got around to making this and as always Liam killed it.

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K2 Big Mountain Part 1

I spent the last week up in the hills with Liam Hall and the crew checking out the K2 Big Mountain Chill Series, there was a whole lot of high speed skiing going down on some solid conditions. George the super grom is insane and Fraser is skiing faster than anyone these days. Check back in a couple days and the olympus cut will be online.

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Yeboi Queenstown Street Edit

The Rail Garden Edit

Thanks to soo many people for helping me make this, Liam Hall for filming, Josh O for riding with me. The Fergusons & those that built the gardens, The sponsors and the others that helped this is what I’ve been looking to do for a while in wakeboarding its good to feel like I’ve done what I wanted to.

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Rail Garden Teaser

So normally when I take Liam Hall along to film something for NZwakeboard.com I have to slow him down and make sure everything fit too the music he always wants to go over the top epic to dubstep, and keeps talking about helicopter this and that somehow it actually happened. My first effort just producing a video I’d be happy if I ever get these opportunities again.

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