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Half a cab with a tweak

Big Boys Toys Airtime

The second of my clips to be released on Airtime, the action sports show on TVNZ U from a trip up to Auckland for the Big Boys Toys action sports and lifestyle expo, really cool to work with not only the wake kids but also the BMX and FMX as well so I’m stoked to see these on the screen and now on vimeo as well. So thanks to Liam Hall for half the shooting and editing as well as all the others that made it possible.


The video has been taken offline.

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Airtime – Private Wakeboard Park

Ep 4 of the series but the first of my work to be on Airtime, it was one two day mission to shoot and a whole lot more than that to edit but I’m really happy with my first efforts of a TV show and hopefully I can continue to push them to bigger and better things, A massive thanks to everyone that helped me to do this, Josh O for riding, Liam Hall for filming and editing, the Wanaka crew for driving jet skis all night and helping out, the rail garden crew for building such an epic spot, Robett and the Airtime crew for making the project happen & Chloe for putting up with me while I’m stressing out about pretty much everything.


The video has been taken offline.

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I went down with a couple of friends to do a few demos at the Canterbury Marine Festival run by a friend who’s always helping the action sports community so we were supposed to do a few boat demos with a couple of kickers, everything got a bit out of order so we rode a couple tricks off the boat and chilled out with the Rewind winches on the kickers. Coming away with a few shots, it’s always a good time shooting with Josh O for NZwakeboard.com and the winches stood up to the test really well so happy to have them onboard with what I’m up to these days.
Josh O winch shot

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I really wish my net would go back to full speed


The Rail Garden Edit

Thanks to soo many people for helping me make this, Liam Hall for filming, Josh O for riding with me. The Fergusons & those that built the gardens, The sponsors and the others that helped this is what I’ve been looking to do for a while in wakeboarding its good to feel like I’ve done what I wanted to.

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Josh O before the chopper


Riding with Josh O doesn’t happen as much as it used to so getting him to come away for a weekend to go shread wake and shoot some for NZwakeboard was good times, took a chase boat down for a perfect flat set in Paddock Bay on Lake Wanaka then went to the 2011 On Edge Wake Jam where he won and I did a couple tricks I was happy with. Thanks to everyone that helped, Marcus at Watersports Wanaka, Kerry at On Edge, Ben & Devan at Jet Pilot & J-Star and Liam for the colab on the video he did the directing and the shooting while I was taking stills and I did the producing and the editing.

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Digital Cover #5

I’m really happy with how this came out, Josh O is a freak on rails and this is my favorite shot from being in the chopper and possibly the last time I’ll get to shoot from one for a long time. Digital Cover #5 for NZwakeboard.com.

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