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Bento – Trailer

For the past year I’ve been working on the follow up to Will J in Japan that I filmed a couple years ago, and now that, in it’s full title, Monster Energy presents Bento a Backcountry Experience in Japan, but first a little trailer to get warmed up.

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Will J in Japan extended

It’s been quite some time since we finished an epic two month journey of shooting a lot of fresh snow and with this snow year it feels even longer ago but after the release of the Monster Energy piece I talked with Will and we felt there were a bunch of shots we both liked so I’ve cut this as a hope to fill in a few pieces which may have not been seen in the first cut that was as Monster does and as a majority. snow-porn.

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Monster Energy – Will Jackways Japan Powder Edit

Will J in Japan

After stamping around the hills of Japan for a couple of months in a lot of the best snow I have come across we have got our edit out and is currently the title piece of twsnow.com. A massive thanks to Will first and foremost for making this happen and putting in soo much work to get the shots plus also to the whole crew who helped out while we were there and getting it online.

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White on White

The Next Step

I’ve just booked in flights to Japan, I leave in two weeks today and plan on taking a camera and seeing how far I can go. Theres going to be something fun in this adventure for sure.

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