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GoPro Hero 9 Black Test

This is a really different style of video for me, I’m trying to get more comfortable infront of the camera and be able to do something along the style of a vlog. There are a bunch of reason for this including 2020 shooting as a crew is problematic but its all a learning curve for me so don’t judge it too harsh.

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Squaw Shred Report

As the winter is starting to ramp up I got out at Alpine Meadows to shoot a weekly piece they do know as the shred report, it often focuses on new terrain so this week we got on Roundhouse with a few buddies and we lapped around with a GoPro.

The new shipment of cameras hasn’t come in yet so it’ll be interesting to see how the 8 do against shooting this on the 7 with the karma grip but we have plans to do a few more of these as the season progresses.

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Snowledge Edit of GoPro Clips

I’m not sure if I like GoPro’s more as a filmer for being a great little camera or as an editor as pretty much the whole crew have one and can bring me a bunch of shots without having to be at every single thing ever, or even just a second angle so we cut a whole video of GoPro clips, some of mine and a whole bunch from the crew.

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How To GoPro

When last winter started slowly we we’re sitting around and I wanted to make something a little more interesting than the general snow shots we we’re running on Snowledge for marketing and social purposes. So we goofed off for a day and filmed this, but then it did start snowing and I had a very rough version sitting in Premiere for most of a year, the biggest delay was finding a voice over artist. I tried getting a couple of people involved but in the end I was sitting down with Chase Schwietzer over pizza for another project and brought this up as something I had been meaning to get sorted, he jumped at the chance to be involved and really came through. When I got the final cut sorted a bunch of his best friends couldn’t pick it was him so I’ll take that as him being deep enough in character. Thanks also to Kenzie and Eric for being willing to help with stupid things I want to do and watch out for the next few versions I have sitting in a note but if they get done sooner or later is a question that will be seen later.

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I’ve got a few more things I want to shoot with my hero 2 before I get my hands on the 3 black edition and with the few new accessories it should make some cool new angels.
soo much stuff

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The Rest of CHILL Series 2012

The last two CHILL series videos are up and online, Black Diamond Big Mountain from Temple Basin.

& the snowboard edit covering the whole series. Awesome shreading overall and really good to hang out with all the crew.

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The Old GoPro

Altho the new GoPro is amazing in pretty much compared to the old one in pretty much every sense, there is something cool about being around when the HeroHD changed action sports photography and video, some for good, some for bad. They had major limitations and when pushed would sometime give out these crazy blurred, morphed and weird images that you had no idea about until then were “developed” on your computer, kinda like film. The Hero2 is soo fast it pretty much always gets a clean shot. I’m gonna miss some of these mistakes.
a digital camera that could give film like mistakes

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