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George Pengelly 2011

The fast up and coming big mountain skier in New Zealand needed an edit with only a few extra days filming most of the content for this video came from event footage we had worked on during the 2011 season.

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George Pengelly edit

This kid is killing it these days 16 years old won the big mountain part of the free ski open this year. He’s not even allowed to ride the comp for another two years, rips what ever he is skiing, always having fun and skis as much as he can. Plus his middle name is Cosmo which makes him even cooler.

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K2 Big Mountain Part 1

I spent the last week up in the hills with Liam Hall and the crew checking out the K2 Big Mountain Chill Series, there was a whole lot of high speed skiing going down on some solid conditions. George the super grom is insane and Fraser is skiing faster than anyone these days. Check back in a couple days and the olympus cut will be online.

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