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Film 2.0

From the time I failed photography in high school, the only subject I’ve ever failed at school, I’ve shot and made a lot of my living from photos. I didn’t quite understand some of what to do with my photos when I was at school but I liked shooting them in action sports in my spare time, probably should have just done that for the class but hey. So ever since then I was always a huge fan of photographers that can shoot film so wanted to do the same and have had a lot of film cameras around, sometimes just because they look cool but film isn’t that easy to deal with. One of my buddies and camera geek Alex Bowater has been working on a new system that deals with the fact neither of us have a dark room. This is now my first roll I’ve worked on the whole way from shot to distributed myself, giving me the ability to work the shots the way I want.
First step, tiny dev tank with cafenol, crappy instant coffee and a couple other under the sink chemicals.
Step 2 an old slide duplicate with a little mod and were getting the shots to digital.
Step 3 an absolute handful of apps and I can have them sorted online.
Yeah it’s ridiculous I could just shoot right in the instagram app but it’s nowhere near as fun so I’m going to keep doing this a lot more, well hopefully, I said I’d be doing this in high school, it’s only taken ten years to get a setup. It can only get better from here and I need a high quality version for medium format too.
Until then here’s a photo of Kenzie and her dog Blue at Tahoe.
35mm film photo of kenzie and blue

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Queenstown Skate Airtime Ep

So with dead season hanging around I got down to the skate parks and caught up with a few of the locals for an Airtime Ep now playing on TV Four and NZSkate.com. Thanks to Indy, Sage, TJ, and everyone else who helped out and braved the cold and frosty parks.


The video has been taken offline.

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Welcome to CHILL Series ’13

And we start again with a little teaser to this years series with Fraser McDougall, talking about a few dates and some stuff. I’ve changed it up a bit this year, not as heavy on the chalk animations but a few shots from last year and a couple other little things.

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Half way through the CHILL Series I made an interesting choice to stop sleeping and go back onto the road to keep filming when I needed to spend a lot of time editing, the opportunity had come up to chase Will J and Abby down to Tekapo with some new snow, the trip started well, the first turns were deep and the sun was shining, as we walked to the Ohau ridge the wind started to really blow and didn’t stop, we made the most of the next few days but didn’t get everything we needed so a few days back in Christchurch then off to Wanaka to finish off this ep.

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Hutt Early Season Snow Show

So as the snow has fallen and we are back in the mountains the TV show Airtime I have been working on over summer has become Snow Show, same idea, same time, same channel so for my first ep of the season, Liam Hall and myself caught up with a few buddies for a game of “Shred” at Mt Hutt. If you don’t know what “Shred” is just watch as Milu tries to explain it. Always fun to be riding with the crew and I’ve got a fair amount more snow content coming along soon.

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The Clubbies Ep3

The third and final of this season’s series of The Clubbies has been a massive learning curve but also really cool to work on and thanks to a massive amount of people who helped out in many ways. Next year may be back in a new format but who knows.

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Alice in Snowpark

So I went to Snowpark for the day shot a commercial, shot a bunch of jump footage and went night ridding but in-between the day and night it was super sweet light so me and Benny took a real long lap hiking a bunch of stuff and then I had an idea how to edit it and we got this, if we had a shot of his board it would tie in way better cos it has an original alice on it, super cool and the film is from 1903.

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Bennys Section

Olympus Trip 35

I was searching round for a few things yesterday when I came across this, Dont know when it was last used or how well it still works but theres only one way to find out

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Disposable cameras

On a late night shopping mission to the IGA a friend and I found a sale on one use camera. I shot 27 frames on the 27th of January except not all of them came out. heres a few of my favourites. Nick May. Mat Harrison and the waitress with very tight very shiny pants. The Crystal Lounge, Whistler, BC, Canada.

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