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Pinky Pineapple

I’ve always thought fashion is the best use of a camera, thankfully I get the chance to work on a few projects here and there when I’m out of the mountains.

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Sophie Jo New Site


While working in a shared work space that was made for fashion designers but I managed to find my way in gave me a chance to work with a number of new clients including Yulia Marsh of Katerina.

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Pinky Pineapple

I met up with Amber recently who has started working on a new fashion blog www.pinkypineapple.com and we worked on a couple of image of the day looks. Check out them here

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Sophie Jo Backstage

I was talking to a friend recently about what she was up to when she finished fashion school as I knew that was coming up for her, Sh’e got a job at Karen Walker so you will be seeing her around more in the future of the fashion world but as for now she asked me to come and hang out for her graduating show and shoot some backstage shots, check the whole album on her facebook album


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While shooting the Whistler nightlife scene you meet a different set of people than you do during the daylight hours.

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Metropol Fashion & Fiat

Yeboi Catalog

First time I’ve had the chance to put something thru Issuu, hopefully not the last I like the way it brings print and web closer, I do however hate the attributes in Illustrator and maybe should have made this in InDesign. Now just got to get the Yeboi.co.nz site running.

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More Ye?


Im gettng a bit more involved with whats going on with the Yeboi range this season, having big hoodies is the best for going shreading anything. This is Lauren rocking the one I claimed. Order em from the facebook site

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