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World Skiing Invitational Pipe Finals

Skiing Pipe Qualifiers

Getting back into the last few weeks of alot of shoots and not enough time to deal with anything.

Here is World Skiing Invitational pipe qualifiers as part of Telus.

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Photo Battle

Olympic Mens Downhill

This is some seriously fast skiing. Almost stupid fast but I didn’t see anyone go down so they got it. Some crazy swiss dude Didier Defago won and the only one I’d heard of Bode Miller from the states got third.

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Emberley Rail Jam

The boys at emberley clothing comapny held a sweet little rail jam in Dunedin the other day, apart from the rain was good times

check out the write ups and photos, on a few sites were getting it out there.



Emberly_rail_jam_180909_IMG_8575 net
Emberly_rail_jam_180909_IMG_8543 net
Emberly_rail_jam_180909_IMG_8549 net


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I got my first shots in Manual today thanks to Rene having killer style at the SOL square rail jam the other day.

ray snowboarding

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Neil Williman Wins Chill Comp