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K2 Big Mountain 2014

After a few years of coming back to the CHILL Series it’s nice that something is always different but the weather patterns this year were unexpected, but at least we got good sun on the second day and the young crew is really crushing it. New Zealand skiing has a really strong depth to it right now and every time I’m at a mountain I get reminded of it, either just riding a big rat pack or watching Hank Bilous send it for this comp.

Also Cam and Tom tried their hand at some infomercials, I think they need work but could be fun for next year.

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Tail Gate – concept

A few of were looking at running a little event that looks like it isn’t going to happen anymore so I figure I should leave this online as otherwise I’ll forget about it somewhere in my hard drives.
event poster

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CHILL Series fails 2013

It’s not all serious when we work in the mountains, 2014 version of something I’m going to have to keep doing, this footage can’t just sit in my hard drives.

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Black Diamond Big Mountain 2013

Carrying on with my work on the CHILL Big Mountain series from the past few years the Temple Basin event always holds challenges, working at one of the more remote ski fields, including a half hour walk to access the lodge, this year held low levels of snow but good sunshine. I worked with Alex Bowater as second filmer for the event, we had the girls take over the fronting of the event, with Alex Brook, 2012 winner of the event and Taylor Rapley, 2013 winner of the K2 Big Mountain the week before.

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CHILL Series Snowboard

The snowboard field continues to keep uping the game in the big mountain NZ comps, its crazy to see how the conditions are to deal with, these really are ski comps but these guys have some lines.

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The Fun

Last year after I was finished up with CHILL series 2012 I made an extra video, just a little something for a CHILL movie night they were having, everything that was awesome but good, https://vimeo.com/50750991 and people seemed to like it, getting more views than some of the actual videos so I had to make another this year.

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Black Diamond Big Mountain CHILL Series 2013

I’m always stoked to go back to Temple Basin it’s one of the most photogenic places I’ve been and add to the mix some crazy skiing and you have yourself a weekend, After Tom and Cam’s duo effort for the K2, the girls decided they could do better so Alex Brook and Taylor Rapley take you through the event with some crazy tricks and lines.

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K2 Big Mountain CHILL Series 2013

With only one stop of the K2 this year we ventured to Craigieburn and despite minimal snow managed to scrounge something for the comp with a quick 5cm the night before. Tom Brownlee was lead for the vid but when he turned up in the car park he decided he would call in Cam McD for a second announcer. The two produce some interesting sentences but it’s fun and this year Alex Bowater took the long lens spot in harsh conditions where the wind never stopped blowing the 500mm is extremely hard to keep steady and the interviews are hard to keep clean. Matty J was wandering about on the second day so I threw him the audio recorder and came back with an a solid yarn.

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Charlie Profile

The fifth and final of the lead up pieces to CHILL series we end with New Zealand Skier of the Year Charlie Lyons, after spending a whole season with cameras jammed in his face for the Freeride World Tour he’s pretty used to it which makes interviews far easier and it just became a recorded chat.

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Cam McD profile

This year as build up to the 2013 CHILL Series we are releasing some profiles of the top skiers with highlights of them from years past, starting of with the 2012 K2 winner Cam McD on a very hungover morning after just finishing his latest edit.

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